Being a Supplier,
has its benefits!!!

Becoming a GasHopper Inc and The Inflatable Boat Shop supplier, has its benefits. Get full access to DISCOUNTS on everything we sell. Parts, tools, repair supplies, boats and much more! Also get the benefits of FREE SHIPPING on all parts, tools, and repair supplies. FREIGHT on heavy items we work out to get the cheapest and most insured option available so you can be confident you'll be getting what you ordered, undamaged.

Order From Any Device

Order on the go, or when you have a customer sitting right in front of you. We've made it really easy and convenient to order what you need, from any device, anywhere and anytime.

How to sign up and become a supplier...

In order to be a supplier of our product lines, you must be a registered business with a registered tax number in Canada. If have those 2 things, then you're ready to contact us and filling out our supplier request form. Once the form has been processed, one of our staff members will reach out and provide you with your login USERNAME and PASSWORD.