Installation and Modification Gallery...

Replacement Transoms

This Zodiac Futura Mark 2 got our replacement Transom to replace the rotten one. Customer wanted the transom to match the color of the boat to give it the Futura Sport style.

Custom Long Shaft

Another Futura that came in for a replacement transom. This one, the client wanted it to fit a long shaft for his outboard he originally had for it. The biggest complaint was the short shaft kept taking on water over the transom when slowing down. Now there's no issues with that.

Custom Rescue Boats

This was one of our custom rescue package boats we put together for a Northern Community Fire Department. Fully equipped with a 2 person bench seat with storage, a console, roll bar with water rescue lighting and spot lights. Powered by a 40 HP Honda Long Shaft. This boat is not only built for looks and work. It can be taken apart for easy storage if space is limited.

Roll Bars and Lighting

We're the number one choice when it comes to roll bars, towers and radar arches for your boats. Whether it's for your inflatable to your fiberglass water cruisers. We install and sell them all with all our product lines we have to offer from Monster Tower, Fishmaster or Atlantic Towers.

Upgraded Transoms

This older Zodiac Mark 1 got one of our upgraded transoms that are epoxy dipped and soaked to make it hardened and stronger then a factory replacement. Now this boat won't have to worry about the transom rotting in the future with this replacement.

Long Shaft to Short Shaft

With most boats coming equipped for long shaft motors, it puts those who still love their older short shafts out of luck when it comes to buying new. So our methods of modifying transoms to make them short shaft, whether there fiberglass or solid wood, we make sure the modification is seamless, and not noticeable. 

Added Protection

Protecting your boat where it's needed isn't always a bad idea. With vast selection of products we offer, we have everything you need to protect your investment. Whether your adding additional protection to the transom to adding other layers to the hull to prevent punctures. There's always a way to add that extra layer of protection.


Don't let a grungy appearance turn you away from your next boating experience. With a little elbow grease, and the proper chemicals, we have what you need to bring your inflatable back to it's former glory and color with all the UV protectants to make it last a lifetime.