RIB Tube Replacements...


Give your older Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) another take on life with a new set of tubes.

We have access to factory replacements tubes from various well sought after brands, to our in house team making you a new high quality re-manufactured set for your inflatable boats specifications.

Factory replacements for Zodiac, Bombard, and many other brands.


Have your tubes reached their life span and looking badly faded, showing the inner fabric linings, or the outer layers peeling in multiple sections. It's probably time for a new set. We make getting a set easy as, 1 2 3... Give us a call today, and have one of our staff members guide you on what we need to get your boat back on the water.


Re-Manufactured Custom Tube...


For tubes getting re-manufactured by us at GasHopper Inc and The Inflatable Boat Shop, you'll have peace of mind that your getting the highest quality replacement tube set available!!! Each tube set is hand built and assembled using only Zodiac Neoprene Hypalon material fabric and Zodiac Elastomere Glue for the entire tube construction, with all like Neoprene Hypalon accessories materials for a strong everlasting bond and longevity to its construction. We can also provide custom applications, such as Kevlar lined bullet resistant internal baffles, internally structured IC valve fill ports for quick inflation, extra rugged HD rub strakes and much more.


All seams are tripled sealed with each chamber having it's own individual PRV (Pressure relief valve) to prevent over-inflation on extreme hot days. 2 style PRV to choose from, Recreation and Military grade. All re-manufactured tubes will come with a set a identification serial numbers for your specific tube set.


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