70017 - Replacement Bearing Buddy Bras - Model 17B - (Pair)

Bearing Buddy
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Replacement Bearing Buddy Bras - Model 17B - (Pair)

Replacement cover slides over Bearing Buddy to keep grease contained and off of your tires and wheels.


  • Vinyl cover fits over Bearing Buddy bearing protectors
  • Fits models 1781, 1781SS, 1810 and 1810SS
  • Keeps excess grease off tires and wheels
  • Quantity: 2
  • Outer diameter: 2"

To prevent overfilling, Bearing Buddies have an automatic pressure relief feature that allows the grease to come out through the Bearing Buddy instead of out the grease seal on the back of the hub. The bra over the Bearing Buddy contains the grease, keeping if off of the trailer tires and wheels.

70017 Bearing Buddy Bras Model 17B (Pair)