Z67300 - Zodiac Easy Push Valve Cap, Black

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Z67079 - Zodiac Easy Push Semi-Recessed Valve Cap, Black

The Zodiac Valve Cap works as the final seal to keep your RIB’s chambers full and drum tight. The Zodiac Valve is Zodiac’s newest valve system used on current RIB’s and Cadet roll-ups. The valve cap features and includes an O-ring that creates the final seal. Also included is a leash for the cap.

Valve cap (end cap) for the new Zodiac and Bombard valves. This type of valve cap is used on the current Zodiac inflatables boats and RIBs.

It is a flat cap in Black with the Zodiac logo and is easy to install yourself. The corresponding valve insert is item Z67080 and the valve housing that belongs to this type of valve is Z60217. Both items are available separately, see the overview of related products.

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